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The Directors

Jon Winder

Jon Winder

Consultant, Author, Speaker, Mentor

M.A.(hons), Dip Educational Technology, Dip Professional Coaching (CoachU)

Jon Winder has been successfully supporting schools, staff, students, parents and educational organisations for over 40 years.  He has actively supported the educational community internationally with practical services, programmes, workshops, learning tools and his books. He has a strong belief that everyone can reach their own unique level of mastery learning given the right educational environment, resources and inspiration.


Jon Winder

Diane Winder

Consultant, Author, Speaker

B.Sci (hons), Dip Microbiology

Diane has extensive experience working with U.S. corporations as well as the New Zealand educational community. She is best known for her capacity for innovation, idea generation and award-winning leadership, communications and learning services that integrate strategy, goals and principles with vision, values and deeper wisdom. For many years Diane has been a popular presenter, scholar, writer and passionate advocate for learning mastery.