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Our Theory of Learning

The Learning Mastery model is a fundamental aspect of The Sephira Institutes’s theory of learning that has grown and evolved over many decades. What began for us in Aotearoa New Zealand, and our community of collaborators who sought new approaches to learning success, as a learning journey (te ara ako in Maoridom) has matured into an expanded model that addresses the deeper vision and whole needs of students and the educational community in today’s world.

At Sephira, we look at learning as an elegant and interdependent system that contributes to growing the minds, hearts and spirits of students and educators, cultures and communities.

Soaring into the vast possibility for exceptional achievement and greatness emerges from a constellation of factors that bring together robust pedagogical resources, values-based models for positive change and transformation, and the world’s deeper wisdom traditions that offer expanded views of intelligence in the whole human being, such as mindfulness, consciousness, presence, intuition and spirituality.

In our work we have observed that when these three intersecting features come together within a unique culture, we begin a deeper, richer and more rewarding journey to Learning Mastery.

At Sephira, ‘mastery’ is not only comprehensive knowledge or skills in a subject or accomplishment. It is also the vision, conditions and environments (internal and external), around which people or cultures come together to share knowledge, insight and wisdom to better both themselves and the whole community. This systems-view honors of course the high levels of outcomes that are sought, yet also respects the entire process within which those outcomes emerge.

Our Vision

Our vision is to support schools and individuals to transform learning challenges and create new stories that realise learning mastery and full human potential.