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Jon Winder

Jon Winder, MA (hons), Dip. Ed. Tech, Professional Coach (CoachU)

Consultant on learning, vision and strategy, culture, change management, assessment and mentoring to



For over four decades The Sephira Institute has worked in partnership and collaboration with innovative-minded educators, students, parents and schools across New Zealand and around the world. Our partners have believed as we do that new approaches to learning are not only practical and powerful, but also creative, compelling and contribute to making a greater difference in the lives of people in families and communities everywhere.

In our time we have seen various learning theories come and go, yet there have always been…

... the students whose thirst for knowledge and fluency inspires us all to seek better ways to help them realise learning mastery and their full potential

... the educators whose commitment to the pursuit of learning excellence continues to be a beacon of inspiration in a changing world

... the parents whose love and care is paramount in growing healthy, happy and wise human beings who are able to contribute to the well-being of our society and planet.